Off Grid Solar Kit

The Complete Solar Power Solution For Off-The-Grid Energy

Whether you plan to live off-the-grid, looking for power options for camping, hiking and expeditions or suffer frequent power cuts in your area, our off grid solar kit can be your one-stop solution. We have the best off grid solar battery bank, off grid solar panel kits and complete off grid solar power systems to ensure you have uninterrupted power supply. However, the concept of off grid solar energy is no longer limited to remote areas and emergency situations like natural disasters, but is becoming a part and parcel of routine life. After all, with the excruciating electricity bills on the rise, who wouldn’t want to generate their own electricity?

From domestic, commercial to industrial level setups, both demand and supply of solar power systems have been escalating. Apart from off grid solar battery bank, households are also shifting from local or government utility service provider to becoming a power generator for themselves.

  • Reduce electricity costs
  • Avoid power outage
  • Easy installment
  • Alternative for remote areas
  • Safe for the environment
  • low conversion loss
  • Automated charging

So stop relying on the expensive grid, get smart and make a transition to clean energy. You will not only save on your electricity bills but also save Planet Earth.