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Mammoth Solar charging base stations

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If you need power off grid, or just want to use natural energy you capture yourself.

Then our range of solar charging base stations will have what you need in any situation.

From single person use, to running an entire basecamp.

Your new base station can be built to suit your needs and specifications.

All while keeping the unit safe in a hard outer case designed to be portable in the outdoors.

You can also attach the range of solar blankets to suit your size of system.

The blankets can also connect together to give you a wider surface area if you want to charge faster.

Please check max input with your model.

For enquires about different size units please contact our team for more advice.


Battery brand: Ruiyi

Electric core brand: Korean LG A brand

Product model: RY-220V3000W3108WH

Input voltage: DC 24V

Output voltage: AC 220V*2 ports;5V USB QC3.0/PD fast charge*1 set; 12V10A*1 port

Output wave: pure sine wave Waveform distortion: <3%(Linear nature when full load) Output frequency: 60Hz Conversion efficiency: >90%

Cooling mode: Intelligent temperature control fan Ambient temperature: -20℃ to 60℃

Output power:


AC display: Output voltage, output frequency, output power, output current, the temperature and remaining electricity

Battery voltage: 24V Charging voltage: 29.4V Charging current: 20A fast charge Charging time:

6H Charging mode: CC/CV, car charging, and supports solar charging。

Continuous discharge: 120A

Instant discharge: 240A

Overcharge protection: 29.75V

Overcharge recovery: 28.35V

Overcharge delay: 1000MS

Over discharge protection: 19.6V

Over discharge recovery: 21V

Over discharge delay: 100MS

Battery protection function: Overload, short circuit, temperature protection, under voltage, over voltage, reverse connection, low voltage alarm function.

USB output voltage: 5V

Case material: High strength industrial ABS material with pull rod and rolling wheel.

Product size: 554*358*232MM

Product weight: 23KG

Carrying mode : Portable handle with pull rod extension and rolling wheels.