Solar Power Generators

We bring you our brand-new Adventure Solar Power Generator.

By far the best Solar power station ever built.

It is perfect for the rugged traveller that likes to get away from everyday life, but still wants to have the power you get when at home.

Perfect for off grid charging.

Can recharge 2 Ebikes at the same time.

Can power a TV and games console at the same time.

You can even take your coffee machine!

Optional 80W Solar panel that's stored inside the box.

If you already have Solar panels you can just plug it straight in.

Waterproof, Shockproof and ready for the hardest conditions.

Whether you are going away for a few days, a few weeks or even months.

Our New heavy duty solar power station will keep you and all your devices powered and ready to go.

With a military grade box, it is water tight, so you can easily have it out in the rain, snow and dirty environments.


1. Provides reliable power for you in most extreme environments.

2. Designed as a lightweight, and portable power solution.

3. Plug & play power station, and is easy to operate.

4. Rugged, durable, and provides power in the most punishing environments.


Three ways to charge X-1000:

1. Charge via solar panels Max 360W

X-1000 is compatible with most solar panels, charging time depends on the solar panel power and Sunshine.

2. Charge via AC.

Plug it into wall socket, charging time is about 7 hours.

3. Charge via car cigarette port

Charge it using the car cigarette socket, charging time is 9 hours.

Possible to double charge with AC and DC, charge time 2.5 hours.


Operating the power station

1. Using AC output

This power station has 2 AC outlets, sharing 1000W of continuous output power. 

2. Using DC output

This power station has 8 ports, sharing 120W of continuous output power. 

Warranty: 2 Years