About us

Our vision at Green Juice Systems is to bring our customers the very best in new solar power technology. We have the best manufacturing and testing facility to guarantee high quality products.

We bring many years of experience with new technologies and product testing to offer you the best solar equipment and gadgets in 2021.

Here in Switzerland there is a particular attention to the little details and good value for money is very important. 

Quality and constant innovation leads the drive to keep up with the fast and ever-changing world, and we will strive to keep our customer base informed of new and innovative tech. 

We work towards lowering our carbon output, and make donations to help climate protection projects.

Our mission is to HELP our planet to be CLEANER for future generations.

We believe that we can only get our climate under control if everyone contributes something.

Individualism alone does not lead to the goal.

If everyone solar farmed their own energy from the sun, it would change our future.

We could all live a Greener life.

The Sun has all the energy we need every day, let's start farming it together and share it with others.