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GJ Urban Drift

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Environmentally conscious, silent and economical. 

The GJ Urban Drift can be driven on the stable aluminum body at a maximum speed of 25 kmph. The elegant, simple and safe folding system also makes transport easier if necessary. 

A range of up to 45 km makes the e-scooter our new highlight. The large display also informs you about the current status of your e-scooter. 

Unload, unfold and off you go. 

With a fully charged battery with 12800 mAh and 474 Wh, the GJ Urban Drift can drive up to 45 km under optimal conditions. The scooter also gives its all on inclines, so that no wishes remain unfulfilled even on inclines of up to 20%. The sturdy frame is made of aircraft grade aluminum. 

This makes the GJ Scooter is loadable up to 100kg. Due to its construction, the scooter can be folded up, and can be reassembled quickly and easily. 

In addition, it weighs only  16kg and is therefore easy to transport.


The electric scooter is approved for public transport and has a Swiss road approval:

  • E-scooters that drive a maximum of 25 km / h and have a maximum output of 500W are approved for public traffic and do not need a type approval or a license plate.
  • A category M driver's license is required for ages 14-16, no driver's license from 16+
  • Compulsory use of cycle paths
  • Also required are: bell, pneumatic or rubber tires, lighting (not flashing and not necessarily already attached) and reflectors (not necessarily already attached) as well as brakes (front and rear)
  • We strongly recommend wearing the necessary protective equipment such as a helmet and protectors



Model Number
Black,Yellow, Red, Multiple color, customized logo is available
Motor Power
350W Hub Motor(Optional, 500W)
Max Load
Max Speed
25km/h(3 Gears, eco 10km/h standard 15km/h sports 25km/h)
Max Climbing
15 Degree
Brake System
Disc Brake + Electronic Brake
Battery Capacity
10.4Ah Lithium Battery(Optional, 8.8Ah/10.4Ah/12.5Ah/15Ah)
Charging Time
Range Per Charge
35-40 KM
Tire Type
10Inch*2 Vacuum Inflation Tires

APP Function
Speed/battery/mileage display, light switch, scooter switch off, cruise on/off , scooter speed zero &non-zero start, automatic shut down time setting,lock scooter
Product Size
118.5*21.5*52.5cm 1PCS/1CTN 18KG/21KG