Green Juice Systems provides some of the best Solar energy products on the market our new Helios Solar panel Supports QC 3.0 Quick charge 12V 2A, PD 20V 5A 100W and Fast charging 5v 2.4A 12w all in one 28W solar panel. Perfect for charging all devices
Solar Generator X1000 from Green Juice Systems. Designed to take any where. Waterproof and shock resistant. NCM Battery with 1000w Pure sine wave inverter. Grerat for charging ebikes on the road. Plug and play for Campervan and camping trips.

Helios Titan

Solar Gen Base Station

Solar Box


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Green Juice Systems is based in the beautiful mounatin town of Interlaken. The view of the Jungfraujoch from our office is spectacular. Berner Oberland is a mountain paradise offering all extreme sports and amazing natural scenery.

Best Service - Best Quality

Our Company is based in Switzerland. When you see this flag it represents High Quality, Attention to detail, and the best overall performance and value for money. Our Goal is to bring you new advanced technology right to your doorstep. Helping you live a Greener and more sustainable lifestyle.


Andies Bike Tour

Excellent customer service and product. The power bank worked great on my recent motorbike adventure in Zambia. It charged my phone daily. Exactly what you need if you are travelling light. I'll be looking at a bigger system for my van trips.

Hannah's Office @ 2343m

Great product offerings and excellent service! The portable solar charger is perfect for keeping us connected while outdoors and will see us through many long ski days, cycle tours, camping trips and more.

Kates Backcountry Missions

Incredible durability. Even on a grey day, the functional performance of the solar panel and recharge is quite remarkable. Superfast charging quality for all things electronic! A must for any adventurer.

Portable Green Solar Energy

Portable Solar Panels, Powerbanks and Speakers for all outdoor adventures.