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Helios 28W Super Fast

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Introducing the Helios 28W Super Fast, the ultimate solution to your charging needs!

With our brand new top-of-the-range controller, you can now enjoy super-fast charging that matches the latest cell phone charging capabilities. Our panel is designed with more voltage to deliver lightning-fast charging times, making it the best small solar panel on the market.

But that's not all! Our innovative panel features a Quick Charge, Fast Charging and a power Delivery port Type C, ensuring the best power output to all your devices.

You'll never have to worry about running out of power again! Our Helios 28W Super Fast is equipped with new ETFE material that captures even more sunlight and protects it from harmful UV and impact damage, making it durable and reliable for all your outdoor adventures.

With the new super-fast charging phones like the iPhone and S21, you need a reliable and powerful charging option.

Look no further than the Green Juice Systems' Solar Panels - the Helios 28W Super Fast is the perfect solution! Say goodbye to slow charging times and hello to fast and efficient charging with Helios 28W Super Fast!

It has new ETFE material that captures more sunlight and protects it from harmful UV, and impact damage.


The new Super fast charging phones ie the new iPhone, S21 etc. They can be charged by the panel at over 1 -2 % per minute, or from 20% to full in 50 minutes.

With 4 folds it captures a large amount of the Suns energy.

It has two fold down legs to help it stand-up and capture more light and Energy.

It also comes with 4 Window suckers that have loops to help hang all your devices while charging.

This means it can be stuck to any smooth surface like windows or the side of a van.


It has a state-of-the-art controller which allows 3A and 2.1A USB charge ports plus a fast 3A Type C and a 7A DC Port.

It is made with brand-new ETFE material which allows it to capture more of the suns rays while protecting it from harmful UV. Furthermore, it increases life span to over 25 years.

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